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Everything has its time

I really thought my last day of flying would be something monumental. I thought back to jheath last post on his days of flying and imagined I would present something similar to you guys.

But, my last trip did not go smoothly.

My schedule was modified ten times. I was reassigned in one of our hubs when a Crew Tracker came to the airplane and sent me elsewhere for the night. I had plans to have a last drink with my pilots, but I ended up on a minimum rest overnight without them and on an overbooked deadhead the next day. That deadhead ended up being delayed and left 2 hours late. When I turned in my manual, ID, and such, my supervisor was too busy and instructed me to leave my items with the front desk receptionist in our base.

I’ve already started my new job and at the end of the week I finish up training.

I love my new job. It offers so much room for future advancement, is a young Fortune 500 company, and they take care of their employees. 

On a personal note, I am able to purchase milk, fresh produce that I can finish, and buy flowers for my apartment.  I also get to be home every night and make myself dinner.

Being a flight attendant wasn’t a negative experience overall for me. If it weren’t for my 4 years of customer service with the airlines I probably wouldn’t have gotten this coveted position that I have now. For that, I’m thankful.

However, like most things, you have to know when to move on. It was time for me to end my airline career. Between being engaged, moving in with my fiancé, and planning a wedding for next year, the airlines no longer held priority in my life plans. There are plenty of successful marriages and families that thrive with an airline family member. It just wasn’t what I wanted for my future. It just isn’t for me.

Do I miss it? No. I really don’t.

However, I will miss the people I worked with. The company and the position I can move past without looking back. But the people I spent the last 4 years of my life with, I’ll miss them. I learned about them, their families, and ventured out into small town USA with them. We really have some incredible airline crew and I’ll miss the camaraderie. But even then, it was time for me to move on.

At some point you gotta do what’s in your best interest. I made sure not to burn any bridges. I gave a proper 2 week notice and didn’t even call out sick for the rest of my time. I worked honestly until I finished my job there. I can say that with truth and feel good about it. Sure, they really didn’t treat me well while I was there, but I feel that character is about still choosing to do the right thing regardless of the situation.

On the upside my new job doesn’t involve me picking up trash or making anyone coffee!

I love you guys for the support and words of encouragement throughout the years. And I love that you are also excited with me for this new phase of my life. You all are seriously the best and I am glad that I was able to share my journey as a Flight Attendant with you all.

Choose your path. And do it intentionally.

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At times I blame the fact that people always stop me or ask me for directions whenever I’m in the airport because of my uniform. However, I notice more frequently that people stop me in the street for directions, or, like this evening, more unique questions.

I’m staying at a Hampton Inn this evening. That means free cookies in the evening. I went downstairs to grab some hot chocolate and some oatmeal raisin cookies.

As I’m pouring the hot water for the hot chocolate (I’m not in uniform by the way, simply just lounge wear) I am greeted by a distraught middle aged woman holding a pack of cigarettes and handing me her Samsung phone. She explains to me that she unknowingly managed to switch her layout for text messaging and can’t figure out how to put it back. I’m trying to help her even though I don’t have the same phone as she does. She begins telling this crazy story about how she can’t communicate with her husband through this form of text messaging and how it’s important because a mass was found on her daughter’s brain. Apparently an appointment was scheduled with the doctor that ended up not happening due to some sort of scheduling error on behalf of the doctor’s office. Seriously, this lady has some crazy stuff happening in her life.

I know for a fact that she wanted nothing more than to have her phone back to normal and go smoke a cig. And after playing with her phone for 2 minutes I was able to return it to her normal layout and she was happy. I went on my merry way with hot chocolate and cookies.

I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m more approachable than I realize. Maybe I’m just the type of person that people see and want to trust. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I’m not malicious and definitely try to help out whenever possible. I think because I’m an introvert I have a hard time accepting people’s vulnerabilities and am just taken aback each time.

But, she was super grateful and continued on outside to maybe cope with her stress in the form of a nicotine habit.

I mean, hell, if I can make your day better by just switching the layout on your phone’s keypad, then great. It may not seem like much, but it gives me  faith that when I am no longer a flight attendant I will still be able to help people in tangible ways.

And we should help each other out when possible, because, well, sometimes that’s all we have.

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New Portable Electronic Device policy

I hate it.

Here’s why… people have their headphones in during critical flight time and can’t hear anything and aren’t paying attention.

Also, I SEE YOU TEXTING PEOPLE AND YOUR PHONE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT ON AIRPLANE MODE! I would say that 80% of people “forget” to put their device on airplane mode and then swear to me that they thought it was on airplane mode. People like this are going to ruin the new policy for everyone and then they’re (the FAA) going to reverse it and then you can’t play Candy Crush while we taxi to the runway or listen to your ridiculous shitty music during my safety demo.

So yeah, think about that before you want to snap chat every moment of your life in an airplane.

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We want to pull our hair out

Just for the record, working the holidays is a tough thing to do. Luckily, I had Thanksgiving off this year, but I worked the week of and the week after.

I had a lady CLIPPING HER NAILS on a flight while sitting next to a man who was cringing (and rightfully so). I had to deal with a mother yelling at me when I was trying to find space in the overhead to accommodate their kayak sized bags…and she demanded the extra leg room seat from a flight attendant heading to work. I had to clean up after a kid who decided to cut up snowflakes on paper and leave the itty bitty pieces EVERYWHERE.

When my flight attendant friend called me sounding out just as stressed as I had, I didn’t feel so bad.

This time of the year sucks for flying. The weather isn’t always cooperative and time sensitive issues cause stress, but please don’t take it out on your flight crew. We’re trying the best we can.

Oh, and due to whateverunderscheduledcompanyissueswehave, I am working 6 days in a row. I’m about to start day 5 tomorrow. Wish me luck. I desperately need it.

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We were in Canada last night and apparently the city we stayed in has a policy… If the temperature is below a certain degree they have to offer free rooms to the homeless. My captain was telling us about it and going on about how “I really hope they clean those beds”… And to “not be surprised” if I see unruly people. Then he concluded with “when I first heard about this all, the republican in me just couldn’t believe it”. Ok dude. Whatever. You don’t have the answers and you are stuck here for the night whether or not you agree. Deal with it. Also, you seem like you have zero compassion for the fact that it’s snowing and icy out… But “those people should really be doing something & they can all get a job”. Yeah, this captain and I won’t get along.

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